About Us

MisLabeled is not your typical apparel line, it comes with a meaning much deeper. MisLabeled comes from a place of hurt, anger, joy, and ultimately victory. After battling suicidal thoughts, depression, low self - esteem, and a father addicted to drugs, MisLabeled was birthed. 
MisLabeled was not simply created for those that that are battling mental health issues, but it was created for every person that was ever counted out or stereotyped. MisLabeled is a movement created to encourage others to look past the surface others. We all have a story to share and its imperative that we hear people before we see them. " Never judge a book by it's cover".
MisLabeled creates a safe place for individuals to tell their story, to talk about who they are  and what they've been through. Your test is not only your testimony, but it just may save someone's life.
As you grow in your journey, I hope that you remember MisLabeled as you go throughout this life.  Remember that it is always MORE THAN WHAT YOU SEE!